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Submitted on
April 19


~Alfred’s POV~

A warm smile made its way onto my face, as I watched Matthew dance through the flowers.

But a faint blush did appear, when I remembered the reason I brought him to this flower field…

…I love him.

Ever since we were introduced in elementary, he always caught my eye. How, I didn’t know. But he did.

He is special to me.

I don’t know why, but he always was. The way he would faintly blush when I complimented him… It’s so cute. And the way he would always hold onto his polar bear, no matter what. He took care of it all of these years, and made sure it stayed healthy. Kumakirou…? No… Kuma… Kuma… Ah, Kumajirou! That was its name! Mattie really did have that bear as companion, no matter how many times it asks who he is…

He is one of a kind.

His smile, the way his light violet eyes would light up with that sparkle when he was happy… Or the way his wavy blonde hair framed his cute face perfectly. The way he always holds his bear in front of his face when he’s embarrassed. Or the way he only spoke barely above a whisper. And his little ‘hockey obsession’. Never have I seen him bursting out like that. Completely happy because his team won, not caring about how loud he was.

But my reasons to love him weren’t just about the things he likes, or the way he looks.

Oh, no.

His personality is incredible.

He is calm, while I am hyper. He turns out to be a lot braver than others would think he is, while I cower at horror movies. He is rather sensitive, and incredibly shy, which only makes him cuter, while I am obnoxious and loud.

What did I ever do to deserve someone as perfect as him?

Sure, sometimes I have to listen closely to understand him, or I have to constantly buy new maple syrup for him.

But all those little things… Add up to him.

And for the love of Lady Liberty, save me from hearing him speaking French!

I shivered at that thought.

God, did he sound sexy when he speaks French.

I remember this bet we once made. We were watching the hockey game; USA vs. Czech, in the Olympic Games – Sochi 2014. While I was on my countries’ side, Mattie hoped for Czech to win.

We said, that if I lose, I had to make a full confession of my love to every tenth girl I see on the streets for 1 hour. If he lost, then he’d have to try to seduce me to bed in French.

Fortunately for me, USA won with 5-2 against Czech; Meaning that Mattie had to try to seduce me in French.

And he had me at the first French word he said.

His voice was deeper, and was as loud as others would speak, just a little more… “whisper-like”, to “add that certain effect”.

And damn, did it work.

Even though I tried to resist – emphasis on tried – he went as far as to sneak his arms around my waist – I can still feel them there – and to lick. My. Neck.

Dream come true~!

But damn – I tend to say that a lot nowadays – did. That. Feel. Good!

I blushed furiously at the thought of his wet tongue running over my neck…

No Alfred! Get a hold of yourself! Mattie’s your best friend! You can’t think about things like that with him!

…Or can I?

I sighed quietly, before Matthew seemed to notice me.

“Hey, Alfie! Come, dance with me!” he called out happily, obviously happy that I showed him this place. I got up and went to dance with him for the rest of the evening.

Matthew Williams.

My true love.

And the love of my life.

~Matthew's PoV~

This day can't get any better. Really, I don't think there's a way it can. The sun was above us as Alfred lead me to this beautiful field filled to the brim with flowers! I couldn't help but dance along with them as the wind spun through their leaves and petals. I spin around, noticing Alfred watching me...

Alfred...We met so long ago. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. It was the first day of elementary, and I remember being terrified. So many new people, but I luckily had Kumayoshi with me, so I wasn't too alone. Our teacher wanted us to do a group thing, in which we paired up with someone and got to know them. I was far too shy to go up to anyone, so I stayed at my seat, waiting for someone to notice me. No one did though, and I remember being so sad, until the teacher called for one boy, as the teacher knew he was with one of his friends, and asked him to be my partner. When the teacher introduced us, I was shy, and a little scared too. I soon learned he was very opposite to me. He was loud, speaking in a near-yelling voice, while my own could never go above a whisper. We soon learnt about one another, and he always stayed by my side since. Through the years, he was my closest friend. Yes, we have other friends, but we did everything together.

When I was younger, I always wondered things about him, or at least why what he does makes me feel...weird. His little complements always causing my face to heat up a little, how comfortable I feel in his presences, while I would also feel so shy at the same time. Not till we were older, I realized why I felt different towards him, then with anyone else;

I am in love with him.

I love everything about him. His ocean blue eyes, and his golden blonde hair, his loud voice and even his hero complex. I love it all. I love how we could watch a horror together, and he'd cling to me or a pillow, screaming, while I would laugh at the horrid graphics. I love how he can eat so much, but still have a perfectly sculpted body. I love the way he always knows what to say to me when I'm feeling down. I love him.

Hell, he's the only person to see me get loud. I'll admit, I love hockey. It's my release, really. I remember during the Olympics, it was America vs Czech, and Alfred, being the patriotic american he was, was rooting for them while I cheered on Czech. I remember we even made a bet that if Czech won, Al had to make a full confession of my love to every tenth girl I see on the streets for 1 hour, while his rebuttal bet surprised me. If US won, I had to try to seduce him, while speaking french. He didn't know how happy and shy I was to hear him say that. So, we watched, and though I was rooting for Czech, I secretly was cheering on the US team. 'Unfortunately", US won 5-2, so I gathered up all my courage. I made my voice even more quiet, and deeper, knowing it would most likely have him weak. Hell, it would have made any straight man weak in the knees. I don't remember what I said, but I remember being so bold that I wrapped my arms around his waist and licked his neck. His reaction was priceless, I remember that much. I remember how tongue tied he was, obviously not expecting me to be so bold, but ce qui est fait est fait, non?

But to current events though, I guess, I've always loved Alfred. Even if he can be a little dense, and rude...and as I said before, man can he eat those burgers! And he usually sticks the tab on me... but I guess it's fair, seeing as he buy me maple syrup all the time...

I look over at him, my heart skipping a beat as it always does, as I gave him a large smile.

“Hey, Alfie! Come, dance with me!” I called out happily. Happy he brought me here, happy that I'm here with him. He smiled at me, causing my heart to jump again as he got up and joined me.

Alfred F Jones.
My hero.
My true love.
~Alfred’s POV~

As we danced through the flowers, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Did he love me back?

There were so many possibilities…

He could do everything, really. From leaving – which I do NOT want! – to loving me back. Jesus…

…I’m scared.

What will he say?
Will he leave?
Will he forget me then, like other people tend to forget he exists?

Sometimes I just want to run away. Run away from all of my problems. And have time to clear all my thoughts.

That’s when I come here, to this field, in which I led Matthew in. I found this field when Mattie and I were younger, around the age of… 10 years? Yeah, something like that.

This field is also special to me.

It was always calm here, and the flowers gave me a certain feeling of… safety. The safety I feel when I’m with Mattie, but this field calms me down, every time something bad happens.

…What is this field? A second Mattie?

…Nah. No one can replace him. But I guess, the color does remind me of him…

Mattie’s my complete opposite, so of course I wonder. He stays calm and quiet, while I am loud and obnoxious.
He is forgotten or mistaken as me, while I am loved by everyone.
And he also gets in trouble for things I did!

I feel so bad about that…

…And still. Through all this shit you went through… You stayed with me. You stayed by my side. All those years. No matter what came.

And for that I am so grateful, Mattie…

…But I have to stay focused.

I was planning to confess to him today.

Right here, in this flower field.

I just… Have to… Find the courage to do it.

No…! You’re a HERO, Alfred! You can do this! A hero isn’t afraid!

And he’ll be the Lois Lane to my Superman, right?


Let’s do this!

Soon we lied down on the soft patches of grass that resided at the entrance of the field, in which the woods before it led us here. We were talking about different things, no topic in general. It went from hockey to this field to what we’ll do next week, since it’ll be sunny the whole week. Soon a welcomed silence engulfed us, as I thought of what to say.

“H-Hey… Mattie?” I asked him uncharacteristically quiet.

“What is it, Alfie? You’re not this quiet, normally,” I saw him looking over at me, worry clearly showing in his eyes.

Damn! He knew something was up! Well, close your eyes and do this…

“I… I wanted to…”


“…Confess s-something…”

By now I was blushing beet red. Who knew confessing was this hard?! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Oh yeah, the only one who could tell me was Francis, but…

Ugh, I hate him.

Everytime he was around me and Matthew, he would flirt with Mattie! And Mattie, being the innocent self he is, didn’t even know! It made my blood boil in anger towards the Frenchman. He made Mattie blush! Only I’m allowed to do that!

…Okay. I seem like a jealous wife, but it’s true! I hate that Frenchy, but Arthur does as well, doesn’t he? We sure are brothers…

Without me knowing, my face seemed to go into “rage mode” when I thought about that Frenchy, and was now in a sighing motion. As I thought about what I could say next, I snapped out of my trance like state to a hand shaking me weakly.

I looked over at Mattie, who asked me with his eyes if I was alright.

Knowing that I couldn’t look at him as I said this, I turned my head the other way, quietly muttering loud enough for him to hear:

“I…love you…”


~Matthew's PoV~

We lied in the grass, not to far from where we arrived. I wonder how long Al's known about this place? He seemed really nervous when he brought me here, so it must have been a while. I don't mind though, he's sharing it with me now, so I know he trusts me...Though I can't help but feel there's another reason for him bringing me here. We lay there in a comfortable silence, just enjoying one-an-others company.

It's funny, I guess the old saying "opposites attract" is true. Alfred's so loud, while I am quiet. He is large and buff like a typical football players body should be, while my body's thin and sleek, like a swimmers body. He's loved (and hated) by many/all, while most tend to forget my name. Oh well, at least he recognizes me, as well as my cousin Francis, though I don't think Al likes him very much. No matter though, since Al's always first on my list. Even if his actions cause me to be hurt in the end. I know he never means to have me in the cross fire, but it happens. Though I don't blame him for it. I'll always be by his side. As long as I can be with him, even if he doesn't really love me back, I'll always be at his side.

"Hey Mattie?" I look over at Alfred, his voice uncharacteristically quiet.
“What is it, Alfie? You’re not this quiet, normally,” I feel worried. Why is he so quiet all of a sudden? Is something wrong? Did I do something? Is he ill? A million questions go through my mind, as I try to piece together what could be making the self proclaimed hero to be so quiet.
“I… I wanted to…”


“…Confess s-something…” Alfred's face seems so red, it's adorable! Wait, that would mean he's blushing, right?...Why would he be blushing? We lay there, me on my side facing him, as he looks like he's having thoughts about who-knows-what. After a while, I shake him softly, trying to pull him out of whatever trance he was in (since he had an angered face, and it was making me feel a little uncomfortable). He seemed to snap out of it, and I looked at him, giving him an "you okay?" look. He looked away, and softly said three words I only dreamed of hearing. Words I almost believed I would never hear in my life.

“I…love you…” My heart skipped a beat, as I smile gently, and pushed myself closer to him. I snuggled into him, relishing the scent of him, mixed with some sort of cologne and McDonalds. I felt him tense up, but soon relaxed as a few certain words escaped my own lips, just loud enough for him to hear.
"I love you too, Alfred,"
So yeah, I know I have the AmexReader to finish, and it's literally almost done! Just gotta wrap up the ending! But I got this idea when I was listening to some music by 12 stones. As for the story its self, you can see how Alfred's PoV and Matthew's PoV seem very different from one another, and it's because it's written my 2 different people! I'm Rping as Matthew, while the talented ZelinkerTeam is RPing Alfred!
ZelinkerTeam liked the idea I had posted on one of my journal entries, and wanted to write it, but I knew I would want to write this as well. So, we compromised! This is this prologue, and the chapters will be done interestingly. We both have the prologue, but during our RP sessions, whichever 'chapter' we finish will be going onto that persons page. So if the chapter ends in Matties PoV, I upload it, and vise versa. It may change from this idea format, but me and Z'll chat about that later! 

I will warn now, it seems fluffy, but the upcoming chapters won't be. 

As stated in the title, this is an AmeCan story! meaning it's America/Alfred in a relationship with Canada/Matthew. But here's some facts you should know about this story!
Maple Leaf  This story will be in a human AU (Only human names used)
Maple Leaf Alfred and Matthew are NOT brothers!
Maple Leaf  Alfred and Matthew were first introduced in the first day of elementary; They know each other since childhood, and have stuck together since then.
Maple Leaf  Matthew never left Alfred's side, no matter how much shit he had to endure because of him
Maple Leaf The flower field that ZelinkerTeam and I are talking about in the Prologue may or may not come back later. I don't know, we'll see.
Maple Leaf  Francis is Matthew's cousin, but Alfred doesn't know that.
Maple Leaf  Arthur is (probably) Alfred's step- or half-brother.
Maple Leaf  Alfred and Matthew were roommates even before they started dating.

The cast!
Me, RebornAngel93 as Matthew Williams!
ZelinkerTeam as Alfred F. Jones!

America, Canada, Hetalia (c) Himaruya-san
Plot idea (c) RebornAngel93 (Main idea)/ZelinkerTeam (Prologue- and maybe little inbetween ideas)
This piece (c) RebornAngel93/ZelinkerTeam
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